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Nordic Investment Banking Powerhouse

ABG Sundal Collier is the independent, Nordic investment banking powerhouse, developed over 30 years, founded on a hard working partnership culture and the ability to attract top talent.

Our strategy is to be an advisor and an intermediary, and the core product offering comprise corporate advisory services, corporate financing services and investor research and brokerage services.

Our corporate advisory team offers access to a broad financial and industrial network and unparalleled transaction experience. We provide financing to corporates through our superior Nordic and international distribution platform, and we are optimally structured for naturally matching trading flows, delivering best execution for clients. 

The group employ approx. 250 staff working from the Nordic offices in Norway, Sweden and Denmark and in the offices in the key international markets US, UK and Germany.  

ABGSC ambition is to be the preferred Nordic Investment bank. We are committed to delivering long term superior value for all key stakeholders by:

  • Providing the best advice in relation to strategic challenges
  • Providing the optimal external corporate financing
  • Improving clients’ investment return
  • Being “the place to be” for talented staff
  • Running a cost focused and highly profitable operation


Ongoing transactions

Key figures

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recent news

  • ABGSC voted best equity sales team in Norway

    We are proud to announce that Norway’s leading business magazine “Kapital” today voted the ABGSC equity sales team as the best in Norway in 2016. What’s more, our share of the votes increased by nearly 5 percentage points over the runner-up in the equity sales category.  We are also very proud that our co-head of equity sales & trading, Hans Øyvind Haukeli, won the prize for best stockbroker in 2016.

  • ABG Sundal Collier maintains no. 2 position in Prospera Norway rankings.

    In the Prospera Norway domestic equity rankings for 2016, we have maintained our strong number two position from last year. We are proud of the results and would like to congratulate our Norwegian team on their performance. ABG Sundal Collier look forward to 2017 when we will strive to build further on our solid position.

  • ABGSC strengthens its position in 2016 Prospera Corporate Finance rankings

    In the last week, Prospera has released its 2016 rankings of corporate finance, M&A and ECM advisors in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. In Norway, ABGSC achieved the number one position in all three categories, the tenth year in a row we have reached the top spot in the survey. In Sweden, we were ranked 3rd overall, an improvement on last year’s 4th and with further improvements likely to come, especially given our efforts in ECM over the last 12 months. For our Danish office, 2016 was the first year in the survey, but we have already made an impact on the rankings, reaching an impressive 5th place out of 13 banks.

  • Q3 2016 Highlights

    •  Q3 revenues of NOK 242m vs NOK 251m last year
      YTD revenues of NOK 823m vs NOK 923m last year
    • Operating costs in line with last year
      Operating margin of 15% in Q3 relative to 18% last year
      Q3 EPS of NOK 0.06 vs NOK 0.08 last year
    • Annualised Q3 return on equity of 14%
      Robust capitalisation (capital ratio of 22%) and 
      liquid balance sheet
  • ABGSC arranges stock market school for teenagers

    Last week ABGSC in Denmark had the pleasure of hosting a stock market school for teenagers. We gave a simple introduction to stocks: What are they and how can you buy one yourself? We are very happy to see that so many young teenagers wanted to participate, and we look forward to our next stock market school.

  • Q2 2016 Highlights

    - Revenues of NOK 350m vs NOK 376m last year.
    Solid contribution from Investment Banking Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

    - EPS of NOK 0.13 vs NOK 0.17 last year.
    EBIT margin of 24% with total operating costs in line with last year

    - Annualised Q2 return on equity of 27%
    Robust capitalisation (capital ratio of 21%) and liquid balance sheet.

  • How can more growth companies become listed in Denmark?

    In recent years, a central theme has been how we can get more of the smaller Danish companies interested in getting listed in Denmark.

    "Together with Axcelfuture IPO group, we have actively participated in finding out how we can make it easier to get the Danish companies listed also in Denmark" says Tue Østergaard and Thomas Lindquist from the Danish ABG Sundal Collier office.

    Read the report here

  • Q1 2016 Highlights

    - Revenues of NOK 231m vs NOK 296m last year. 
    Challenging market conditions with few completed 
    investment banking transactions, but pipeline building 
    - EPS of NOK 0.06 compared to NOK 0.11 last year. 
    Fixed operating costs in line with last year, variable 
    compensation costs partly absorbing revenue loss.
    - Robust capitalisation and liquid balance sheet. 
    Group capital adequacy ratio of 3 times the regulatory 
    minimum requirement after the NOK 0.60 payment to 

  • ABG Sundal Collier has been appointed as co-lead manager for the IPO of Dong

    ABG Sundal Collier has been appointed as co-lead manager for the IPO of DONG, one of the leading energy groups in Northern Europe.
    This is a fantastic win for ABGSC and such a high profile assignment confirms that ABGSC is viewed as a leading Nordic Investment Bank and it is a testimony of our ambitions of establishing ABG Sundal Collier as a leader also in Denmark.


  • Q4 2015 Highlights

    - Solid quarter with revenues in line with Q4 last year. (NOK 391m vs NOK 392m). Full year revenues up 14% to NOK 1,314m vs NOK 1,149m last year.

    - Q4 EPS of NOK 0,14 compared to NOK 0,21 last year. Full year EPS of NOK 0,50 for 2015 relative to NOK 0,48 in 2014. Negative non-recurring tax effects of NOK 17m (0,04 per share) in Q4.

    - Distribution to shareholders in excess of net earnings. Proposed dividend of NOK 0,60 per share. Authorised NOK 60m share buy-back mandate.

  • ABGSC tops the list on both Sales and Research in Kapital`s annual broker survey 2015

    ABGSC tops the list on both Sales and Research in business magazine Kapital`s annual broker survey, 2015. This year the magazine gathered response from altogether 50 Norwegian investors.

    It was the third consecutive year ABGSC achieved the No.1 spot in both categories in this survey.

    Within Sales we archived 15,2 of the votes in the survey, and in the research category we archived 18,8 of the total number of votes in the survey.

    In the altogether 12 research categories we achieve top three positions within eight.  John Olaisen (offshore/subsea), Georg Liasjø (fish farming) and Ole Petter Kjerkreit (telecom/IT) all topped their respectively categories. In addition John Olaisen was ranked 2nd within oil E&P and 3rd in the oil market category. Furthermore, Lukas Daul (offshore/rig), Petter Nystrøm (consumer) and Martin Melbye (industrials) all achieved 2nd place rankings.

  • ABGSC wins Mergermarket Award 2015

    Over 300 attendees from top investment banks and law firms gathered at the Banqueting House in London on 8 December to recognise the achievements of Europe`s top dealmakers and reward innovative advisory work on some of the region`s most transformative deals over the last year. And, as in 2013 and 2014: Norway M&A Financial Advisor of the year 2015 is ABG Sundal Collier.

  • ABGSC No.2 overall, No 1 on Research and advisory in Prospera Norwegian Domestic Equity survey

    In the Prospera domestic equity 2015 Norway survey, ABGSC is ranked No.2 overall. On Research & Advisory ABGSC top the list as in 2014. On Execution we are ranked 2nd. On the criteria evaluating back office specifically we achieve the best score. On Corporate Access we achieve a No.3. Within Research and Advisory we achieve best score among one of the three Sales criteria being evaluated, namely “sales business ideas”, while second in the two others (“personal contacts” and “client familiarity”). Within Sales we rank highest both in terms of market share and share of respondents defining themselves as being “core clients”.  

  • ABGSC No.1 in high yield bonds segment in Sweden

    Over the last week, ABGSC has raised a total SEK 1.7bn in high yield bonds for financial services company, Bayport (SEK 1.1bn, jointly with DNB) and real estate company, Kvalitena (SEK 600m). Year to date, ABGSC has assisted companies in Sweden to issue high yield bonds to the value of SEK 3.1bn, which takes us to the No.1 position in Sweden. Although Stamdata’s official ranking has us as No.2, close behind Swedbank, its definition of high yield includes one large deal of investment grade, and so in our view, ABGSC is No. 1 in this segment.

    We are very proud of the fantastic achievement by our DCM and FI sales team.

  • Q3 2015 Highlights

    - Revenue growth of 15% compared to last year
    Q3 2015 revenues up to NOK 251m from NOK 218 in Q3 2014

    - Increased profitability
    Operating margin of 18% relative to 17% in Q3 2014
    Q3 2015 EPS of NOK 0.08 compared to NOK 0.06 last year

    - Robust capitalisation and liquid balance sheet
    Group capital adequacy ratio of 3.0 times the regulatory minimum requirement


  • Q2 2015 Highlights

    - Revenue growth of 33% compared to last year
    Q2 2015 revenues up to NOK 376m from NOK 283m in Q2 2014

    - Increased profitability
    Operating margin of 29% relative to 23% in Q2 2014

    Q2 2015 EPS of NOK 0.17 compared to NOK 0.11 last year

    -Completed buy-back of ASC-shares
    Purchased 21.6m own shares at NOK 5.55 per share

    - Robust capitalisation and liquid balance sheet
    Group capital adequacy ratio of 3.1 times the regulatory minimum requirement

  • ABGSC voted Best Investment Bank in Norway by Euromoney

    ABGSC has been voted the best investment bank in Norway by the Euromoney Awards for Excellence. This annual award recognises the top banks in the world, and ABGSC won the same award in 2013 and 2014. The survey and results are based on interviews with institutions and clients that have used investment banking services in the last 12 months in Norway.

  • ABGSC voted Best Nordic Broker in Extel Survey

    For the third year in a row, ABGSC has been ranked “Best Nordic Broker” in the Extel 2015 Annual Survey, carried out among the investor and IR community globally. On an overall basis, ABGSC achieved 17.4% of the votes in the survey by brokers exposed to the Nordic region, an improvement from last year. On the various parameters ABGSC was ranked No. 1 in three out of four areas: Equity Sales, Equity Research and Sales Trading, while No. 3 in the category Company and Expert Meetings.

    Extel gathers, collates and presents perception opinions and ratings from the investment community worldwide, and is regarded as a leading provider in its field.

    “We are pleased to once again achieve the top spot in the Extel survey. Being regarded as the best provider of high quality sales and research services to professional investors in the domestic and international markets is at the core of our strategy, and forms the basis for having a superior distribution platform for Nordic equities”, CEO Knut Brundtland comments.

  • ABGSC has a new logo and corporate profile

    ABGSC has over the past years been developing and updating ABGSC’s communication profile and corporate branding as we want to ensure that our profile always reflects our core values: Professionalism, integrity and commerciality. A part of this development has been to redesign our logo for the first time since 2001.The new logo and profile is reflected on our new website and will be rolled out on all other documentation and presentation material over the coming months.

  • Establishing a joint venture with the Norwegian Shipbroker Winmar.

    ABG Sundal Collier is expanding its product offering within the shipping segment establishing a joint venture with the Norwegian Shipbroker Winmar as established by  Mr. Even Winje in 1999.

    We are pleased to announce that Mr. Even Winje has joined forces with ABG Sundal Collier in order to deliver a more comprehensive product offering to our clients.

    By establishing the new joint venture we will strengthen our Shipping investment banking footprint, complementing our existing investment banking shipping team as well as leveraging Mr. Winje’s strong knowledge-base and client relationship within the shipping community.

    As a Nordic investment bank delivering a leading product offering within equity and bond sales, research, corporate access and investment banking, we are confident that our clients globally will benefit further from our new establishment.

  • ABGSC voted best Nordic Research Team in Institutional Investor Magazine

    For the second year in a row ABG Sundal Collier has been voted Best Nordic Research team in Institutional Investor Magazine’s annual European investor survey. The top-ranking reflects the strength of ABGSC’s team of 33 analysts based in Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen. “ABG brings great local color and knowledge about the companies they cover, but they also keep abreast of what’s going with their sectors globally,” according to Institutional Investor . The top ranking follows on from ABGSC being ranked number 1-2 on Research in Sweden and Norway in Prospera’s annual survey in November 2013. “We are very happy with being the preferred choice for Nordic research by both local and international investors” says Karl Berglund, Global Head of Research.

  • ABGSC ranked #1 within both sales and research in the annual Kapital broker survey

    The 2014 broker survey in Norway undertaken by business magazine Kapital has just been published. ABGSC was rated best sales and research provider in Norway, winning by a clear margin. Within sales ABGSC received 20,6 % share of total votes, and within research ABGSC received 20,3 % share of total votes. ABGSC`s lead versus the No.2 position has increased significantly.

    Gaute Eie came out on top for sales, receiving 8,3% of the votes.

    On research Georg Liasjø won the fish farming category. He also received the third most votes in any single category.

    John Olaisen won the oil service (subsea/seismic) category, and came third in both the oil stocks and oil market categories. His aggregated score on his sectors put him at No. 2 on the list of analysts receiving the most votes in the survey. Ole Petter Kjerkreit won the telecom and IT category.

    ABGSC was ranked second in the following categories: Oil service/rig – Lukas Daul, Consumer, media, cruise and biotech – Petter Nystrøm, Industrial and metals – Martin Melbye. Also, Fredric Cyon was ranked third in the real estate category.

    ABG Sundal Collier received 20,3% of the overall votes within research.

    Kapital surveyed about 46 institutional and private investors that actively use financial analytical services.

  • ABGSC ranked #1 in TNS Sifo Prospera`s annual Domestic Equity Norway survey

    ABGSC has achieved the No. 1 position in TNS Sifo Prospera's annual Domestic Equity Norway survey for the second year in a row.

    The Prospera survey is based on interviews with 64 institutions and investors, which rated their experience with the numerous financial companies and institutions. Services ranked include broker advice, equity research, brokerage, technical execution of trade and business presentation arrangements.  

    ABGSC has retained the No. 1 position in equity research in Prospera`s survey for the second year running. The survey is divided into three main areas: 1) Research and Advisory, which also includes sales where ABGSC is on top of the list, 2) Execution – ABGSC is ranked No 2, and 3) Corporate Access, also ranked No 2.
    Within Research and Advisory, ABGSC achieved the best score for all of the three sales criteria evaluated. Overall, ABGSC has kept its No.1 position, with a total score of 4.01.

    Research is evaluated on six criteria, including the total number of sector ranking points; ABGSC tops the list on five of these and is top of the list on aggregated sector research points.
    For the various research sectors, ABGSC is ranked No.1 in telecom, seismic, fishery and fish farming, achieved the No.2 position for IT, consumer, industrial machinery, quantitative, small caps, rig/drilling and other oil services, and is ranked No.3 on raw materials and oil & gas.

    “We are very pleased with the results of the Prospera domestic equity Norway survey 2014. As our colleagues on the Corporate Finance department in Oslo achieved a very strong score in the recently published Corporate Finance Norway Prospera survey – winning by a considerable margin – we are happy to see that the team on equities managed to follow up. The results are a function of clever individuals being highly motivated and working against common goals” says Ole Petter Kjerkreit, Deputy Head of Research.

    For further information please contact:
    Karoline Fagerheim Hansen, Communication, Projects and Marketing.
    Phone: +4792840554



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  • ABGSC ranked #1 both overall and in M&A and ECM in TNS Sifo Prospera's Corporate Finance ranking

    ABG Sundal Collier was ranked a solid #1, both overall and in both subcategories, M&A and ECM in TNS Sifo Prospera`s Corporate Finance ranking for Norway. The survey is nowadays conducted annually ans is based on interviews with CEOs, CFOs, M&A specialists and senior partners who have been involved in projects executed in Norway. A total of 23 M&A and ECM Advisors have been evaluated during the period 27 May to 2 October, 2014.

    60 Norwegian and 73 international organisations have been interviewed within the M&A category. 55 Norwegian and 61 international organisations have been interviewed within the ECM category. In particular, special emphasis was placed on ABG Sundal Collier`s ability to undertake and successfully execute large projects.

    "We are proud to see that ABG Sundal Collier Corporate Finance Norway has been ranked #1 in Prospera`s survey for the fifth consecutive survey (in total for the last 9 years). It is encouraging to observe that this year we were ranked #1 within all three main categories; Corporate Finance Advisory, M&A Advisory and ECM Advisory. It is also encouraging that the distance from the competitors has increased substantially since the last survey. We belive this ranking is a reflection of many years of hard work carried our by our dedicated and experienced team that is "top of its game" when it comes to executing large transactions for a broad spectrum of clients" says Arild A.Engh, Head og Investment Banking.

    Click here for PDF

    For further information, please contact:

    Karoline Fagerheim Hansen, Communication, Projects and Marketing.
    Phone: +4792840554

  • ABGSC voted best Nordic Broker in Thomson Reuters Extel survey

    ABG Sundal Collier has been voted “Best Nordic broker” in the annual Thomson Reuters Extel survey, in which both local and international investors participate. ABGSC has won three out of the four ‘grand slam’ titles; Best Sales team, Best Sales Trading team and Best Nordic research team. The top-ranking reflects the strength of ABGSC’s Equities platform which combines a strong local foothold with superior global distribution.

    “This is yet further evidence of our top class global distribution platform and that we are the biggest trading partner for Nordic shares globally (based on commission paid)”, Knut Pedersen, Global Head of Markets

    “The Extel survey confirms the strength of our research product, and we are very pleased to be the preferred choice among both local and international investors when it comes to insight into Nordic companies”, Karl Berglund, Global Head of Research.

    Extel, which is part of the Thomson Reuters group, conducts market surveys and produces bespoke studies for clients. The annual ranking of broker firms and analysts was conducted during March-May 2013, with both Nordic as well as international investors interviewed.

  • ABGSC voted best Nordic Research Team in the annual Institutional Investor survey

    ABG Sundal Collier has been voted Best Nordic Research team in the annual Institutional Investor survey, in which both European and UK investors participate. The top ranking reflects the strength of ABG Sundal Collier’s team of 33 analysts and their coverage of approximately 230 companies across the Nordic region. “This is evidence that our strategy to provide a broad pan-Nordic research product, with focus on sectors rather than countries is appreciated by international clients”, says Karl Berglund, Global Head of Research. Institutional Investor is a leading international business to business publisher, focused primarily on international finance.

  • ABGSC ranked #3 overall in TNS Sifo Prospera Broker survey Sweden

    ABGSC ranked overall #3 in Prospera Sweden 2012 broker survey with strong rankings for both Sales and Research. ABGSC ranked #1 on Personal Contacts, Business Ideas, Case Analysis and Speaking Partners.  Tier 1 clients also acknowledged the strength of ABGSC’s analyst teams with #1 rankings in 7 sectors: Quantitative, Banking & Insurance, IT, Engineering, Energy, Steel Metals and Mining, and Research on demand. The annual survey was based on interviews with portfolio managers, traders and analysts in 67 Swedish institutions.

  • ABGSC at the top of the rankings in Greenwich Survey

    ABGSC Trading ranked #1 and Sales / Research ranked #2 in the recently published 2011 Greenwich survey. The Greenwich survey is published annually and is based on input from US and Canadian investors.

  • ABGSC awarded the prize for Nordic Corporate Finance House of the year in Pricate Equity Awards

    ABGSC was recently awarded the prize for Nordic Corporate Finance House of the Year and the prize for Regional Corporate Finance House of the Year in the prestigious annual Private Equity Awards held in London. This is the first time that a Nordic firm is awarded the European regional prize and is an acknowledgement from our clients that they appreciate the quality of our services.

  • ABGSC is expanding its Danish operation, establishing a Corporate Finance branch in Copenhagen

    ABG Sundal Collier is expanding its Danish operation and establishing a corporate finance branch in Copenhagen. We are pleased to announce that Thomas B. Lindquist has been appointed as new partner and Head of Investment Banking Denmark. Mr. Lindquist brings 17 years of investment banking experience and was previously Managing Director of Nordea’s corporate finance activities in Denmark.

    By establishing a local team in Copenhagen, we will strengthen our Nordic investment banking footprint, complementing existing teams in Oslo and Stockholm, as well as leveraging our strong platform and knowledge-bases within corporate finance, equity-, high-yield and convertible bond sales and research.

    The establishment of a Danish corporate finance operation is seen as a natural next step in developing our positions in Denmark, mirroring the service offering in our other Nordic offices. ABG Sundal Collier’s current Danish equity research and sales operation was opened in 2005.

    As a Nordic investment bank delivering a leading product offering within equity and bond sales, research, corporate access and investment banking, we are confident that our clients in Denmark and globally will benefit further from our expansion into investment banking services in Denmark.

  • ABGSC ranked #1 Broker in Kapital ranking

    Kapital, a leading Norwegian business magazine, rated ABGSC best broker in Norway in its first edition of 2012. ABGSC received 16.5% of the overall votes, while the runner up was awarded 12.6% of votes. In addition to this overall acknowledgement, two of ABGSC’s research analysts lead their sector rankings. Ole Petter Kjerkreit, who took over as ABGSC’s Head of Research, Norway in August 2011, topped the rankings of IT and Telecoms analysts, and Martin Melbye was ranked #1 amongst Industry and Materials analysts.

    Kapital’s annual rankings are based on input from a selection of the largest asset managers in Norway.

  • ABGSC ranked #1 overall in TNS Sifo Prospera Corporate Finance survey for Norway

    For the third consecutive time ABGSC was ranked # 1 overall in Prospera’s semi-annual Corporate Finance survey for Norway in 2011. The survey was based on feedback from 186 companies actively purchasing corporate finance services from investment banks and local brokerage firms. ABGSC was ranked #3 (#2 among Nordic banks) by 72 Tier 1 institutions in Prospera’s corresponding 2011 Corporate Finance survey for Sweden.

    Recent articles in Norwegian newspaper Finansavisen and Swedish newspaper Dagens Industri further confirms ABGSC leading market share within the Nordic market for corporate finance services. According to the mentioned sources, ABGSC was the # 1 financial advisor in Norway and # 2 in the Nordics in 2011 in terms of the number of M&A transactions supported (Mergermarket statistics).

    These solid rankings underline both the expertise within ABGSC’s investment banking teams and ABGSC’s strong position amongst corporate finance clients within the Nordics.

  • ABGSC climbed up to the #2 position in TNS Sifo Prospera Domestic Equity survey for Sweden

    ABGSC’s Research department climbed up to the #2 position in the recent annual Prospera Swedish Domestic Equity 2011 survey. ABGSC was in the top 3 within a range of research sectors including Retail, Engineering, Banking and Insurance, Pharmaceuticals & Biotech, Automotive and Media & Gaming.

    We are continuing to strengthen our research team to further improve coverage and value-added analysis across sectors.

Broad international presence